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Services Offered & Areas of Expertise

  1. Auditoriums - Acoustics Wall, Acoustics Ceiling, Carpet, Seating arrangement, AC, Lighting, Stagecraft, Laser Projector, Professional Audio.

  2. Classroom desk bench as per size & capacity ( Single seater, Two seater, Three Seater, Four Seater, & Customized )

  3. Classroom boards ( White Writing Boards, Green Chalk Boards - 6x4, 8x4, 10x4, 12x4 ft )

  4. Traditional Smart class systems with Ceramic Digital Board, Short Throw Projector, Mini PC, Audio, Cabinet

  5. Advanced Smart Class / Remote Class Systems with Interactive Flat Panel, Fixed focus or PTZ camera, Mini PC, Audio.

  6. Campus Audio system - remotely controlled from a single location

  7. Campus LAN / IP surveillance - under LAN environment.

  8. Indoor digital notice boards at strategic locations - works under LAN, contents programmed in a single PC can be displayed on multiple screens - texts, images, videos etc.

  9. Outdoor video wall for branding & public communication - all weather proof active LED matrix video wall to display both offline & online contents.

  10. Rooftop Solar Power - from 5KWp to 40KWp with both Poly & Mono Crystalline Photovoltaic Modules.

  11. Integrated Computer Lab - PCs, Networking, Integrated UPS, Customized Workstations.

  12. Interiors - teacher's room, Principal's room, staff room etc.

  13. Meeting room solutions- Capsule table / U-table, Chairman / Delegate PA system, Video Conferencing Set up.

  14. Library Set up - Slotted Angle Shelves, Bar Coding or RFID systems, Library Management Software Integration.

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